The rotterdamscentrumvoortheater and Theater Maatwerk are working towards a new cultural organization in collaboration with Galerie Atelier Herenplaats.

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welcome to our new website

The rotterdamscentrumvoortheater and Theater Maatwerk (Pameijer) are since January 2017 a cultural organization. We move forward with our new mission under a new name : Theatre Babel Rotterdam.


Theatre Babel Rotterdam consists of the Company and an Academie.


Our company produces inclusive theatre productions for regular audiences and for student and educational partners.
Our Academy offers education on several levels, from theatre courses for beginners, workshops, production-courses and a theatre education program for professionals.


an interview with jubilee Diana Coolen

Diana Coolen has been connected with our organization for 30 years, which we celebrate together with the other jubilees: Klaas Hulst, Raymond... lees meer

photo-eries ‘Dis-placed’ by Vincent van der Pas

We love hearing from our visitors about our production Dis-placed (Ont-heemd), recently we were particularly surprised by Vincent van der Pas, who gave... lees meer

Support our manifest!

In society as a whole and in theater in particular, we miss the inclusion.   Therefore we want: A society where everyone... lees meer

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